Golf Hotels in North Cyprus with Affordable Prices

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North Cyprus Golf Hotels
Natural or artificial obstacles on the open field small and hard balls in the field with special sticks are inserted into the targeted hole. This game, which can be played at any age, requires physical power and focus. In golf, ethical rules and gentlemen are important in addition to game rules. It is possible to play alone or in groups of 2-3-4 people.
Qualified golf courses and facilities create the potential for golf tourism. It hosts organized tournaments. Golf facilities are set up near high-capacity (luxury) accommodation facilities. The contribution of golf to the economy in the EU is 15 billion Euro per year. Northern Cyprus has the conditions to get a share of this economic return. For golf you need a temperate climate. The climate and geography of Northern Cyprus is suitable for this tourism and it is very suitable for development.
Golf is a lifestyle. You can reach the best golf hotels and golf packages of Cyprus through Booking2Cyprus.

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