Adult Friendly Hotels

Adult Friendly Hotels

Adult friendly North Cyprus Hotels; in order to make a pleasant holiday, the choice of hotel is very important. In some cases, adults begin to dream of a holiday from the winter season, where they can listen to their head, moving away from everything and everyone. Hotels, which are specially equipped for couples and where activities are organized, are among the first priority preferences of adults. Adult-friendly hotels are usually places where child guests are not accepted. Or accommodation in places where children are not available, or the opportunity to participate in activities without children. This, in turn, creates a romantic and calm environment that adults are looking for. If you are dreaming of a holiday where only your lover or partner is with you,there are many hotel options available in Cyprus with plenty of Z alternatives.

Acapulco Resort & Spa
Acapulco hotel is located in the Kyrenia area of Cyprus, in a huge environment where you can enjoy a unique holiday. Ercan airport is 30 km away. Located on the seafront, it offers a great stay next to a charming view. Watching the sunset in front of the sea view is the first step in a romantic holiday. In addition, special room decorations can be made for couples. Fruit basket, wine and special chocolate are also offered in addition to these services. Couples can make breakfast in the room on any day by booking room service in advance if they want. The hammam and sauna are also free for couples. Booking priority for SPA and a la carte restaurants is also recognized. In addition, they can benefit from many other facilities at discounted prices. We would like to remind newlyweds who want to take advantage of these opportunities to make a point: newly married couples can enjoy these rights within 1 month from the date of their marriage.

Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel 
Couples are exploring hotels with a honeymoon concept to spend both a more romantic and more comfortable holiday. In such hotels, honeymoon accommodation shows a sensitivity for children. Even if the child guest is staying at the hotel, the room is well arranged and special activity opportunities for couples are offered. One of these hotels is the Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel Spa. Our guest couples can get a wide range of services within the concept of honeymoon here. Sparkling wine and a fruit basket are offered to the room by the hotel. Special toiletries are prepared in the form of bouquets. The inside of the room is also beautifully decorated. We can also say that these applications are enough in themselves to increase the level of romanticism of the environment. A discount is provided on private photo shoots of couples and the use of the massage salon. It also becomes an entertainment center with 6 bars on site.

Merit Crystal Cove Hotel 
Imagine a holiday in a standard room with sea views at the hotel, located 45 km from Ercan airport. In addition, the hotel is located 8 km from Kyrenia and has its own private beach. If we also consider the services of this hotel, which is applied for adults and is more like a honeymoon concept: The Room is an ultra-comfortable room with a full sea view. Couples staying here are offered a special vip setup, accompanied by champagne. Cleaning-related transactions are provided with a discount. These services include laundry, ironing and dry cleaning. Each of the 2 on-site restaurants also has the opportunity to eat a dinner free of charge. Speaking of food, breakfast is also served in the room on the first morning of the stay, which is offered without any conditions. A holiday with every detail is waiting for you with Merit Crystal Cove Hotel.

Lord's Palace Hotel & Spa 
It's not just a dream for couples to have a quiet holiday with peace of mind. A place where you will find peace with all the features you are looking for during the couple's holiday is at your service as Lord's Palace. Newly married honeymoon couples come here and present their marriage certificates. Then they spend a holiday in deals under the name of the honeymoon concept. Of course, honeymoon couples can enjoy this right within 30 days of their marriage. This hotel primarily signals a romantic holiday with entry procedures. Because these operations take place in the Sky Lounge & Bar accompanied by fruit and frozen. Your satisfaction in the encounter does not end until you enter the room and after you enter. Treats are brought up to the room, and the convenience of customers is always at the forefront. During the stay, couples can open a service to their rooms for breakfast any day. In addition, a desired evening meal is also served by the hotel in the restaurant located on the property. In addition to such facilities, discounted price options are available in many areas.

Vuni Palace Hotel 
Located in Kyrenia, within Cyprus hotels, Vuni Palace offers a variety of room options. In addition to rooms where families with children can stay, there are Premium suite rooms where only 2 adults can stay. The width of these rooms is 45 square meters and very comfortable. In the services included, there is no extra charge for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during dinner. There are also a lot of activities that our staying couples can do. Activities include mini golf and table tennis. It has 5 bars where our couples can have fun with peace of mind. Among these bars, they can choose what they want. As adult friendly, this facility has been providing quality and reliable service since 2006.

Rocks Hotel 
Whether it is preferred for accommodation within the honeymoon concept or for a normal stay, it has a breathing nature for couples. In particular, rooms where up to 2 adults are allowed to stay are specially designed and arranged for couples. Deluxe room options with land view and sea view are among these types of rooms. Kyrenia hotels, which have many alternatives, also have very good services in terms of the honeymoon concept. Everyone's dream of a honeymoon holiday in a room decorated with fresh flower petals with a pleasant smell and an enormous image. Considering this, hotel employees carefully place flower leaves in the room. On the first day of the stay, the room is specially served wine and then fruit. On the second day, guests can have breakfast in their rooms if they wish. In addition, there are discounts with offer content.

Malpas Hotel
With its heartwarming rooms, Malpas Hotel creates a holiday opportunity that will make you forget the stress of your life before the holiday. Located in the Kyrenia region, this hotel is possible to relax and enjoy fun. Included in the honeymoon concept, there are rooms specially prepared for the couples to stay. First, the first view that will meet the couple as soon as they enter the room is located inside the room. It is possible not to be filled with peace when you see the windows of the room opening to the sea view while you are fascinated by the smell of rose petals.

Les Ambassadeurs Hotel
Les Ambassadeurs Hotel is located on the seafront, with many advantages for couples. Early entry priority is recognized in accommodation, especially for honeymooners. In addition, if there is not too much intensity at the time of departure from the hotel, they can check out late. Couples have breakfast in their rooms the morning they first wake up to the magnificent Mediterranean view. A meal in a la carte restaurant is also recognized as a right once during your stay. In this hotel, these facilities are provided for the honeymoon holiday to be held within 1 month following the date of marriage. For this, there is also a requirement to show a marriage certificate. But for those who do not have a honeymoon couple, it is also a hotel that can make adult adjustments. In other words, it is a hotel with the appropriate equipment for each couple, not only considering honeymoon couples. A holiday where you can do activities that offer unlimited entertainment for couples will be waiting for you here.